Pine Tree & Myrtle


Sustainability has been at the forefront of the decisions made as we assessed our supply chain and production methods. We believe that products should serve a purpose and function, and the creation of them should be carefully considered. 

We are careful not to adopt greenwashing terms, as many companies are now capitalizing on the trend of "eco-friendly" products without following through. At the end of the day, a product still takes energy and resources to create, so we hope to start a conversation to encourage intentional buying. 


Our candles are hand-poured locally in small batches, using a vegan blend of natural coconut and apricot wax with a tiny amount of food grade paraffin ~2% to stabilize it. We tested multiple waxes to find the most sustainable and clean burning option. Many mass-produced candles are made with traditional paraffin, a petroleum byproduct or marketed as natural wax, while still containing a high amount of paraffin. We considered soy wax as an alternative, but shied away as most soy waxes have posed some concerns with deforestation. We use phalate-free fragrances, compostable sugarcane labels, lead-free cotton wicks and FSC-certified wooden wicks. As much as possible, we source our suppliers locally, helping us reduce our carbon footprint.  


Our focus is on simple packaging, while still being able to protect products in transit. We use a mixture of corrugated boxes made from recycled content, cellulose wadding, packing peanuts that dissolve in water, and recycled packaging materials we get from suppliers (so if you see any plastic, that's why). Please reuse and recycle to keep the cycle going.

Thank you for supporting us in our pursuit of a more sustainable and ethical business model!