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Pine Tree & Myrtle

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Candle Care

For optimal use

  1. Trim your wick to 1/4" before burning to prolong your candle's lifespan. 
  2. Don't burn your candle unattended.
  3. Burn your candle for 2-4 hours at a a time, allowing the wax to melt to the edges to prevent tunneling (especially for the first burn).
  4. Keep flammable objects away. 
  5. Stop when you've got 1/2" wax left.

Repurposing Your Candle Vessel

  1. Get any remaining wax out ( place the vessel in the freezer to allow the wax to shrink and using a butter knife, carefully pop out) 
  2. Then, once the wax and wick end are removed, WASH and REUSE
  3. Plant a succulent, put hairpins or nicknacks in, display dried flowers, or store dried goods.

There are so many ways to give your candle vessel a new life!