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Kuzu X PT&M Ceramic Candle - SAND DUNE

Kuzu X PT&M Ceramic Candle - SAND DUNE
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The long awaited collaboration is finally here! Each candle comes housed in a box and with a candle care card for easy gifting.

Burn Time: 10 oz, 55-60 hours
Dimensions: 3.25 W x 3.5 H"


Choose from two earth tones: Sand Storm or Sand Dune OR a mixture of the two that forms a Cheetah-like pattern. Each tone may have slight variations and contain remnants of each other. This listing is for Sand Dune (tan speckled tone).

Choose from any of our 7 core scents, OR one new scent we've yet to release:

Brewed Jasmine
Garden Ivy
Lemon Blossom
Meadow Honey
Morning Dew
Tigerlily at Dusk

Sea Breeze & Orchid (feels like you're in a spa or on a sea vacation!)

*Please type the scent you would like in the NOTES at checkout. Because these are made to order, please allow up to 1 week for your order to be shipped.


What is Kuzu x PT&M?
Born out of the collaboration of two sisters, Kuzu x PT&M is a collection of ceramic vessels that are wheel-thrown, glazed, fired and sanded down by hand, with the coconut wax then being carefully melted, mixed and hand-poured at exact temperatures.

The Process
With every handmade product there exists a very humble beginning. These ceramic vessels started as a ball of clay and were skillfully shaped on the potter's wheel. They are then left to dry for a day, trimmed on the wheel and left to dry further to become 'greenware.' After they dry, they are ready to be bisque fired, the first firing that gives the vessel durability. Then, comes the glazing and a final firing they fuses the glaze to the clay body.

Each combination of glaze and clay, as well as the location the vessel is placed in the kiln, affects the final outcome. This is why even if the same clay and glaze is used, there are still subtle variations - making each vessel uniquely one of a kind! It's honestly such a magical process.

The final process is sanding down the vessels, then using an exact tested formula to turn it into a candle with a crackling wooden wick.

After use, simply clean out the wax and continue to enjoy as a mug, vase, or planter!