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Charcuterie by Candlelight Gift Set

This gift set features a beautiful charcuterie/French bread board made by a skilled craftswoman from maple wood in small batches. Truly one of a kind! Perfect for a cozy night in with a candle lit, snacking on charcuterie!

Gift set includes:
1 Charcuterie/French Bread Board from Country Kitchen Boards
1 Keepsake Collection Candle of Choice - 4oz, up to 20 hour burn time
1 Mini Matchbox - Cream Gold Foil

About Country Kitchen Boards
Mini board measurements: 5 1/2 x 9 1/2. Thickness of all boards is 3/4". Each board is lovingly handmade from pure spalted maple wood and 100% food safe. Perfect size for one or two to share as a place setting, charcuterie board, or bread board. Each board is distinct and one of a kind. Your choice of square or angled charcuterie board.

Each gift set is boxed in a Kraft mailer, with either undyed aspen or cross-cut paper made from recycled paper as void fill. Please reuse or recycle all packaging. Please include a personalized message in the NOTES at checkout if you are gifting directly to the recipient and would like us to write a message for you!